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Learn to perform at the Pittsburgh Piping Society!

If you are a bagpiper living in the Pittsburgh area, chances are that you ‘ll have to play at some point in public for a crowd. Playing in front of a crowd can be intimidating, if you’re not used to it. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more enjoyable your bagpipe playing will be. This is a brief post to let you know that the Pittsburgh Piping Society can be a great venue to get in front of your bagpiping peers who live here in Pittsburgh, and play a few tunes without the daunting expectations of a competition. The Pittsburgh Piping Society meets monthly from September to May, and is always a great time to catch up with other pipers who you may haven’t seen in a while. The crowd is very supportive and lively, and we are always looking for new players to come join the fun!

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